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Citations: Correct citation form is vital for writing quality research papers and custom essays. Always follow the APA, MLA and Chicago guidelines when writing papers.(or where you live and what type of writing style you like). Follow all style guidelines for the piece you are writing. This includes citing sources that are properly addressed in each piece of writing. A professional essay writer will ensure that your citations are accurate.

Citation Styles: Different people cite sources in different ways, depending on who you’re talking to or discussing and what you’re trying to accomplish. A skilled custom essay writer will be familiarized with these styles of citation and be able to adapt his or her writing to fit. Many people will reference Internet sources (e.g. Google, Wikipedia, etc.) in their research papers.

Time Line: Every good paper should have a realistic time frame for its completion. Your paper must be completed within the time allotted and should also have a solid conclusion. The weaker the conclusion, the less of a grade it will receive. The most damaging thing that could happen would be for your work to be excessively long. However, a good paper should be the same length as a business report, with a reasonable time frame. An essay could be 3 pages long, while a dissertation for a doctoral degree could be several pages. As such, an educated client should select his paper’s length according to the paper’s intended length.

Citations: Professional writers are aware not to plagiarize. However, some writers stay clear of the “copyscape” method due to the fact that it could appear as if the writer is trying to skirt fair copying laws. However good writers ensure that the references are clear and don’t simply copy. A good method is to describe your sources in detail including the pages where you got the data in a format other than textbooks for academic use.

Other services provided by professional writers are editing (including style and grammar, punctuation and word choice), checking for errors and citing sources in various ways. Many students also require help with their Ph. D.dissertations. In this instance the custom writing service can assist with footnotes, citations and synonyms, author names, dates, and bibliography (if applicable). While certain of these services might be charged an extra cost, most of the services are offered as an add-on.