Decorative Center Houston welcomes GlobalTex Fine Linens to their design center, a high-end luxury textile brand offering products like bed linens, bath towels, and bathrobes. After months of designing and preparation, Globaltex President Ramazan Patak is very pleased with the new showroom, the second official showroom in the United States apart from their original corporate showroom in Miami, Florida.

(Above) President of GlobalTex Ramazan Patak

“We are based in Miami, Florida and our production is in Turkey. Turkey is well known for their textiles.  In 1929, my business partner’s grandfather started a factory there. We launched [in Miami] four years ago and we have grown every year,” Patak said. 

Located in Suite 1014 of Houston’s DCH, GlobalTex is looking forward to releasing new products such as bedding sets, bathrobes and blankets produced in Turkey and made with 100% cotton.

“There are high-end textile brands at places such as Macy’s and Neiman Marcus. Anyone can go buy them but they aren’t boutique style. We want to focus on that for the trade,” said Patak.

(Above) Vignette of the new DCH GlobalTex Showroom

Patak’s favorite part about the new showroom is its upscale whereabouts: [It’s] kept in pristine conditions. Also, being surrounded by hotels and designers is very appealing.” There’s no doubt Globaltex will receive plenty of foot traffic considering it sits within a major design arena. Nevertheless, Ramazan still wants to provide an intimate and approachable shopping experience. “Affordable Luxury Living- that is our slogan. That’s what we do. We give a great quality product at an affordable price.”

Patak said he and his team worked 7 am to midnight most of the days leading up to the Showroom opening. “Designing took us a little bit more than a month and it took two months for the production of the showroom. It’s beautiful now.” But no time for rest! Ramazan and his team plan to mix up the Showroom display every month- and we’ve already surpassed one month since the unveiling.

Look for GlobalTex updates on DCH website and Instagram. You can also follow GlobalTex Instagram. Shop Globaltex in Suite 1014 at the DCH.