As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” This showroom design venture was far from abandoned, as it was kneaded for months by many hands. Although the grand opening has passed, the showroom is still intentionally unfinished; showroom designer Lucinda loya predicts the mixed space will continue to artistically evolve. “It’s definitely a showroom that one should keep their eye on,” Loya said.

Lucinda Loya and her team were approached to design Lladró’s new space at the DDB. The eclectic Spanish porcelain brand is akin to Lucinda Loya Interiors, who dedicated their stylish efforts to this project.

“What we [at Lucinda Loya Interiors] do is trend styles. Whether old or new, I think our specialty is how to blend things together. It’s how we tend to be chosen. However we lead the brand, our main principle is to take the traditional piece and put a modern fabric on it. Marrying the two is kind of our cup of tea.” Lladró believed Loya to be the best fit for the task of helping to broaden their design aesthetic and clientele base.

Lladró’s partnership with Covet House provided Loya’s team with curated selection to choose from, challenging them to push the boundaries and adopt what they fancy. “In the end of it all, we only presented selections we liked. It did dive into eclecticism along the way; we got to keep a lot of fun elements. So we’re never afraid to take chances. Sometimes you take a chance and it doesn’t work but you figure out how to make it work.” Lucinda’s colleague Jessica emphasized this team’s design strength of staying on their toes and accepting change. “The most creativity comes out under pressure,” Jessica said.

“Shifting gears as many times as we did can only end up with a really positive outcome liked by all.  It was one of the hardest projects we’ve ever done, but better loved by most everyone than to be more design specific. We fine-tuned on everyone’s needs and aesthetic,” Lucinda said.

Lucinda’s favorite elements of the showroom are the different vignettes that create the illusion of walking through a home and encountering different personalities.

While recognizing that every client and project has needs and wants, Lucinda Loya Interiors handles each one with precision and dedication. “We treated Lladro as our own,” Lucinda said.

At the D&D building 2018 Fall Market, Lladró hosted a party in celebration of the newly designed space. GDG asked Lucinda what she hoped would resonate with guests. “We wanted them to feel inspired; obviously, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t make people interested more in Lladró’s brand. It was important to us that [guests] went away with inspiration to use their products,” said Lucinda.

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