The DCOTA, our Cohen Design Center located in Dania Beach, Florida, has a new VP, Director of Marketing. She’s traveled around the world by private jet, worked in luxury markets and…befriended donkeys? Meet Taylor Cinalli:

What were the most interesting jobs you held prior to joining the DCOTA?

I’ve always been in travel or hospitality, and I started out in PR. I was a travel publicist for hotels and resorts, and I got to travel everywhere to bring press there. Some of my favorite spots included the Aruba Marriott. It is a really cool island and they had a donkey sanctuary! The island used to be overrun by stray donkeys and then a woman put them all together in a sanctuary! My other favorite location was the Wellness Resort in Sarasota. It was so peaceful with calming yoga on the beach at sunrise and it was where I found myself most active.

Why is the DCOTA the right place for you now?

With luxury it’s always the same – you’re offering a service, you’re offering an experience and mindset and a level of exclusivity. My background in luxury PR has helped me connect to a certain audience. There is definitely a lot of crossover although they are different industries. We are renovating a hotel and resort, working with designers, and constantly branding.

Here at the DCOTA we are a full campus destination with a luxury hotel and showrooms for designers to be inspired by.

What are some of the goals you have in mind for the design center?  

I would love to help reenergize the DCOTA! I want to provide my bottomless energy and excitement with a fresh perspective. I am getting to know the design community and who’s really evolved and welcomed a new generation of minds. I want to help facilitate and bridge the gap between the people who have been here for 30 years with the new generation. I want to give them an appreciation for what it was and what it could be.

I also want to explore new ways to give designers a place to connect with clients. I want to spread the word about the DCOTA’s wonderful ‘Wow’ factor.

What makes you most excited for your new role?

It’s a whole new world of inspiration and learning! There are so many things for me to learn from the intricacies about how products from our showrooms are produced and really the craftsmanship behind them. There is so much history and excitement to that. I also am excited to support over 60 showrooms all with different identities, business models, and customer base. It’s a lot to absorb, but it’s fascinating and it’s a challenge that I like getting a chance to tackle.

What is your personal home style like?

Refined eclectic. I like mismatched things that work together and are really simple and timeless. I integrate a lot of natural woods, mixed with a little bit of marble and a little bit of gold inlays. I have wood barstools and lots of foamy green colors inspired by the ocean. My favorite piece is a headboard I found in a consignment store when I was 15. It feels like home. Some other favorites include a nightstand that I “borrowed” from the apartment complex I lived in during college, and a ladder from my dad from when I designed my whole childhood room. I have pictures everywhere and so many books to keep it warm and homey.

FUN FACT: Did we mention she also has a ukulele, mandolin, harmonica and guitar for décor? Taylor, our new Jackie-of-all-trades, can also play them!