Maison et Objet’s Global Trend Ambassador for Americas, Patti Carpenter takes trend searching by storm as she consistently travels between events, tradeshows and special trend-inspiring spaces to gather research for her Reportages which she presents to the trade. These Reportages give insight into the macro and micro design trends as Carpenter speaks to the relevancy and context of them in today’s world. Below are the top 5 takeaways from her recent Reportage, covering Maison & Objet’s January Edition in Paris, as one of the D&D Building’s Designer Forum Series hosted in the Lladró Showroom. 


(Above) Schumacher’s ‘Fernarium’

Carpenter says that we are delving more deeply into looking at the earth and engaging our imaginations. “We are moving out and engaging with nature in a deeper, more sensuous way. We are experiencing that forest floor and seeing those layers of leaves, which have become more spiked and dense, and provide the opportunity for levels of lush vegetal greens.” 

Bugs become a part of details found in forest floors or as Carpenter calls them the “Creepy Crawlers”, with a focus on those that take flight. “They are not grounded.  It’s freeing for us as we deal with anxiety and chaos. There is a sense of seriousness tempered with a sense of playfulness,” says Carpenter. Carpenter uses the swinging monkey as an example of trending prints. “They exhibit a sense of freedom for us as we follow them through their day.


(Above) Carpenter’s presentation slide of an emerging color trend-shown at Reportage in Lladró.

Carpenter notices that we’re getting away from the colder neutrals and heading toward the warmer tones, many of which are considered nuanced neutrals. “Now we’re speaking more about the browns, like Porcini Mushroom,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter even mentions societal influences to this new neutral trend.“It’s the top of mind things. Immigration, masses of movement. You have this blending of cultures and colors and flesh tones of migrating people are creating this beautiful mélange of browned beiges. This provides interesting support for that warm side of the natural palette. Alongside that sits the whole idea of how fiery our interactions have become with each other. We’ve become “mindful of minefields” that can separate us. 


(Above) Kravet’s ‘Sally Jars’ available through CuratedKravet

Transparency is another of the overarching themes that are driving product trends. Clear glass is an example of that trend. “Unmasking the color, we are able to see the true craftsmanship and expertise of the makers,” said Carpenter.  Carpenter believes this trend “ties directly to the consumers’ interest in transparency around how things are made, where they are made and who they are made by.” Speaking about these attributes “affords an ability to distinguish ourselves and our products and to discuss ” our product’s authenticity and heritage. This is a collective consciousness on which we are all vibrating.”


(Above) Carpenter’s presentation slide of an emerging color trend- shown at Reportage in Lladró.

The continuation of the “Warming Trend” has ties to the Hygge trend of seasons past. Speaking to comfort and coziness, the trend towards Scandinavian design influences continues in warm woods and simple forms. “There’s a continuation of curvilinear shapes and a warm and friendly comfort on a larger scale. We seek to have all of this- curves, comfort and customization of our pieces,” said Carpenter. We see this in the Dedon “Brixx” piece below.

“The 21st century is a time of world reorganization.” Carpenter says. “Every nation can relate to a sense of topsy-turvey, and things feeling upside down. We are seeking comfort in times of chaos and complexity.” 

At the Macro level the “Warming Trend” also speaks to Climate Change and our focus on Global Warming. “This influences color in the warming of reds, pinks, oranges and yellows. Think of wild fires, volcanoes erupting and warm lava flowing around the globe. This impacts our focus on those colors in the palette.”

(Above) Dedon’s ‘Brixx’ Collection

Keep an eye out for more Maison et Objet Reportages presented by Patti Carpenter and more designer forum series in the Cohen Design Centers! See her website here and follow her on Instagram for inspiration overload and to see what she’s discovering!