Miles Redd and David Kaihoi’s admiration and respect for one another is palpable, consisting of much more than a “bromance.”  After 11 years working together, Redd announced Kaihoi as new partner and renamed the firm ‘Redd Kaihoi’ earlier this month. Redd and Kaihoi humored GDG with a “newly-wed game” style interview, sharing their day-to-day dynamic. Get to know them as well as they know each other in this 2-on-1 interview with their former intern and now Go Design Go Digital Editor, Isabelle Harrington. 

GDG first posed questions to Redd and Kaihoi separately and then caught up with them to reveal their answers and capture the hilarious responses.

(From left) David Kaihoi and Miles Redd. Photographed by Ryan Burke for Schumacher. 

Go Design Go: Miles, how many hats do you think David owns?

Miles Redd: David is a fairly edited guy, and really uses what has. He has the uncanny ability to make simple things look different with the way he styles it. I would say he has 5 hats- 1 baseball, 1 wool, 2 felt fedoras, and 1 straw. You would think he has a collection of 20, but such is the magic of David!

David Kaihoi: I’d say there are maybe two mesh fit hats. But that was pretty good!


GDG: David, What is your favorite item in Miles’ NY apartment? 

DK: This might be cheating, but I’d say the David Adler master bathroom. Otherwise, the William Kent console in the drawing room.

GDG: Miles, if David could visit anywhere in the world right this second, where do you think he’d want to go?                            

MR: David has a curious travel log. He has been to Japan, and some of Asia, but I think there is a lot of Europe he would like to see. Rome and Paris demand endless visits, but he is Nordic, so I might see him longing to visit the homeland, maybe a Swedish or Scandinavian adventure.

DK: Love it! Kind of spot on! I’m going to google places later.

(Left) Redd and Kaihoi’s recently published project in Houston, Texas for Bailey and Pete McCarthy. Photographed by Architectural Digest. (Right, from left) David Kaihoi and Miles Redd. Photographed by Ryan Burke for Schumacher. 

GDG: David, does Miles have favorite/frequent nicknames for people?

DK: ‘Children of the Corn’ generally for the office. ‘Lil Sip of Jesus’ was an oldie, but goodie for me. ‘Blakey cakes’ for Blake (Redd Kaihoi’s Senior Designer). 


GDG: Both, who gets to work first?

DK: To the office, me. To the email or computer…that’s a close one, but him.

MR:  David is in the office first, but I may get a jump on him with the task mastering.  I like to work from home in the morning, and I am usually at my desk by 7:30 or 8 AM firing out the emails.


GDG: Miles, what is David’s drink of choice?

MR: Just like mine, gin and tonic!

DK: Yep!

(Above) Redd and Kaihoi’s project in Connecticut. Photographed by Architectural Digest.        

GDG: David, is there any color that Miles doesn’t like?

DK: No. All about context.


GDG:  Both, would the other consider himself an introvert or extrovert?

DK: Miles would say introvert…formerly and professionally an extrovert. We were all a bit more extroverted at one time.

MR: Yeah absolutely- formerly. I have extroverted moments. I think at heart David is an introvert. I am not sure everyone would agree with me, because he is so beloved and outgoing and charming, but I think this is just a shield against the world. He is happiest at home with the family making stuff or playing with his wife and kids, but David can hang in all crowds and makes everyone feel comfortable.

DK: That is beautiful. I can’t argue with a word of it. It’s so eloquent.

GDG: Miles, when antique shopping, David usually gravitates towards the _____?

MR: The spare, modern, cool and curious. David gravitates to things that look just like him, really.

DK: *chuckles*

MR: Compliment, check.


GDG: David, if Miles wasn’t the incredible designer he is, what career could you see him in (completely unrelated to design)?

DK: He has said he’d be punching tickets at the movie theater…I would say he’d be directing.

MR: I mean it’s just the only option for me. I can either design a million fancy houses or punch tickets at the theatre. There’s no in between for me.

DK: I’ve always taken that as the gravitation to the arts and the theatre.

MR: Yeah he’s right I like the movies.


GDG: Miles, how does David zen-out?

MR: The great thing about David is that he gives the appearance of always zenning out, even while getting a terrific amount of work done, but I would say watching a good show on Netflix with the fam, or doing yoga stretches in the morning.

(Left) McCarthy’s Master bath feat. Waterworks tub (Right) The McCarthy’s breakfast room feat. Bailey and Pete McCarthy’s daughter, Grace. 

GDG: Both, who’s on their cellphone more?

DK: That’s a tough one…I think me, but the screen time resentment is equal.

MR: I would say David, but not because he is a phone addict- he just gets more calls than I do.

DK: That’s not true! Just the pestering children!


GDG: Both, do either of you have an on-the-road guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

MR: David and I are both pretty healthy eaters, but we do both have a sweet tooth. We tend to always order dessert or have a cookie.

DK: I think margarita pizza for Miles, and definitely a strong cocktail!

MR: Oh, I forgot about that margarita pizza and double gin…


GDG: Speaking of food on the road, did you have a favorite spot in Houston during the McCarthy project?

MR: We go to a place called True Foods Kitchen. It’s kind of close to where the house is. It’s fresh and clean.

The Redd Kaihoi Team (from left) Lauren Carras, Miles Redd, David Kaihoi and Blake Brunson.

GDG: David, who is tidier, you or Miles? 

DK: I would say Miles. He would say me. But the correct answer is Miles.

MR: Tidier? I would definitely say me! I wouldn’t go with you.


GDG: This one is for both of you. What will change now that David is a partner?

MR: I hope to pass the baton, as it were, and while I always plan to work and be a supportive partner, I hope that David will have the spotlight and drive the business, and take things to new and exciting levels.

DK: I’ll attempt to rise to the occasion in all measure!

MR: Oh he has! He has risen to the occasion.  I’m feeling all smiley and warm and lovey and gushy inside. 

See their partnership announcement and their Houston project recently featured in Architectural Digest.

*Cover image shot by Architectural Digest