Suite 409 has a new look and a new name to match. The showroom formerly known as Zoffany is now Style/Library, which is the new home of the Zoffany family of brands.

Style/Library now encompasses the six venerable British brands; Zoffany, Sanderson, Harlequin, Morris & Co., Scion and Anthology. Each of these brands has distinct personalities and aesthetics, but the products and color palettes are crafted to work well together for a one-stop shop for spaces ranging from classic to contemporary. GDG discussed the new namesake of the British powerhouse with Paul Colley, the President of Style/Library.

Holly Speck: What inspired the move to a ‘new home’ within Style/Library?

Paul Colley: We wanted a single, easy-to-shop destination for our family of brands, which are Sanderson, Harlequin, Zoffany, Morris & Co, Scion and Anthology. By bringing all of our great designs under one roof we can respond faster to our client’s needs.

HS: How will Zoffany and the other brands under Style/Library maintain their origin stories and separate personalities with this change? 

PC: Great question. It is very important for each of our brands to maintain their own story, history and values. As a team we work tirelessly at preserving the history and more importantly the integrity of the brands. Each of the six brands has its own distinct personality and design aesthetic. The collections under each brand tap into that personality from season to season to retain an identifiable cohesion that designers can count on. 


HS: How will Style/Library change the audience, style of Zoffany? What will remain the same? 

PC: Our goal is two-fold. Firstly, we have a partnership with our existing clients and we are very keen to ensure we strengthen their experience via Style/Library. Secondly, by bringing all of our brands under one umbrella we can actually better serve new designers who would not have immediately shopped our products. We want to become a resource destination. At the moment we offer over 15,000 products, with a depth and breadth of products many other companies cannot.

HS: What is the correlating similarity between all of the brands under Style/Library that seem to differ in personalities? 

PC: Firstly, all of the brands are British, which means they all share the UK heritage. Secondly, we manufacturer most of our wallpapers and fabrics within our own factories. This puts our brands at the very core of our business, while they all have their very own hand writing ranging from the historical Arts & Craft designs of William Morris to the fashion-forward Harlequin; from the classic heritage feel of Sanderson to the young, playful whimsy of Scion; and from the artistic and cultured sensibility of Zoffany to the contemporary, dynamic designs of Anthology.

The new Style/Library is synonymous with design, history, quality, and heritage.