James Dunlop Textiles and Mokum are known for their sustainable roots, plush performance fabric, and alignment with modern day practices, trends and developments in textiles. While James Dunlop and Mokum are distinct companies, they both have the same vision for the future: sustainability in the brands’ lifestyles, practices and footprint.

GDG sat down with Ben Moir, Managing Director of Mokum and parent company James Dunlop Textiles. Over 100 years ago, the family textile organization James Dunlop was born. Originating in the UK, one of the sons brought the company “down under” to Australia and New Zealand in the late 19th Century, where they established themselves as a national distributor. James Dunlop acquired Mokum after years of admiration for the brand.

We thought James Dunlop and Mokum only made textiles. As it turns out, they grow organic vegetables, too! In the backyard of Mokum’s New Zealand textile distribution center are flourishing vegetable and herb gardens that “Team Dunlop” tend to and enjoy. Moir said it’s a way of providing meaningful breaks in the day and that the team has adopted it as part of their balanced lifestyle.

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“Our environment is something we are really focused on. We are concerned about sustainability, not just in our product but the wider interiors industry. We grow organic vegetables at our distribution center to enlighten the team on how to eat well and how their families can benefit. We spend so much time at work, why not develop lifestyle choices for everyone?” said Moir. “Our team members and their families learn that a green leafy vegetable is a good breakfast option. Lifestyles have improved. It’s satisfying to see, so much so that in the area where our distribution center is, other organizations have adopted this philosophy.”

Moir, who spends a lot of his year traveling and communicating with showrooms, offices, and distribution centers globally, believes the younger generations are contributing to the industry beautifully.

“We promote youth into the organization. Their ethics are amazing. They have a balanced vision of what’s important and an innovative approach. We can learn from these well-educated young leaders who will ensure we leave the planet in good shape, reduce the footprint and create positive impact on human consumption of nature’s ecosystems.”

Moir shared that Mokum and James Dunlop are working on a new visualization technology to show the use of their textiles in the client’s home. Moir is also excited about the relaxed, chalky aesthetics Mokum is bringing to the market, together with James Dunlop hospitality performance fabrics. The Mokum design team has been working to perfect their latest collection for three years, and it is set to launch in local showrooms in August. Both brands are moving in a responsible direction; they’re walking their talk.

Moir reminded us that we can all be more socially responsible.

“Earlier today a woman was walking toward me having a cig and flicked it on the ground. I picked it up and went up to her and said ‘Excuse me, I think this is yours. Would you like me to do something with it?’ She was so embarrassed and she said no, I’ll take it and threw it on the ground and put her foot on it. I picked it up for the second time and asked her again, ‘what are you going to do with it?”’ Moir said. Moir said we shouldn’t have the ideology that someone else will pick up after us.

“We all can pick them up. We can all do our part.” James Dunlop and Mokum are doing theirs.

See the beautiful and sustainable product coming out of James Dunlop and Mokum on their website here.