There’s something about fall that makes us feel like it’s time for new beginnings; new opportunities for inspiration, growth and learning. The D&D Building’s Fall Market 2017 is the ultimate tool for a stylish twist on interiors education.

This two-day event may be annual, but each year it offers new experiences, expert programming and inspiring panelists, that just keep getting better. Although Market is to the Trade only, here are some pointers first-timers should know:


  1. DDB Fall Market 2017 theme is “The Power of Storytelling: People | Product | Process”. Humanity has been built upon the sharing of life and lessons through storytelling, and interior design is an artform that relies heavily upon the art of the story. As an industry member, try to think about your story and how you’ve weaved it with the stories of clients throughout your projects.
  2. Have a plan. Check out the DDB online newsletter or pick one up in the Lobby. Circle the programs you’ll definitely go to, highlight the one’s you hope you can attend and arrive to your favorites early due to limited seating!
  3. Don’t be intimidated. Whether you are a design student or an experienced designer, big events can be overwhelming. Remember that the interior design industry is a community of people that are constantly evolving, and welcoming of new ideas and faces. Although the DDB Building’s decadent facade can be daunting, it’s inhabitants are helpful and friendly. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions to showrooms or for further information about programs.
  4. Go both days. It’s a time commitment that is well worth it. Although you may think you’ve seen it all there is a color expert that is waiting to test your perspective on the future of popular palettes. Each day offers different programming and different prospects for growth.
  5. Try something new. Have you never heard of a speaker or a concept? That’s what creativity is all about. Challenge yourself to circle some events that you may not have a direct relationship to.


First-timers and seasoned Market regulars alike should expect two days of drawing connections and channeling new paths for innovation. The information-rich two days consist of six keynote events featuring top panelists, 20 In-Showroom programs, two special events, one special program, three cocktail receptions, 114 Open Houses and 0 partridges in any pear trees.

Martha Stewart, Bunny Williams, Kate Smith and Kate Rumson

From industry icons Martha Stewart and Bunny Williams to color expert Kate Smith of Sensational Color and Instagram sensation Kate Rumson of The Real Houses of Instagram to the top design names and pubs in the business, the DDB Fall Market 2017 has many outstanding stories to be told to all levels of the industry. Be sure to share your story will us on social media with the hashtag #ddbfallmarket17.