Whether you’re a minimalist or a collector, shelving solutions are a must. On this week’s Tip Tuesday, Go Design Go asked designers Summer Thornton and Antonino Buzzetta to weigh in on the best shelving solutions, including floating shelves, floor-to-ceiling bookcases and open shelving.

“I’m a huge fan of shelving and visible storage because I’m a collector of curiosities and accessories. Just remember, where there’s a shelf, there needs to be an accessory. So if you’re a minimalist, stick to fewer shelves—perhaps a few floating ones with books and art. If you’re a maximalist, go floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall and chock-a-block full of all your collections. Just be sure that it’s properly styled so it maintains a sense of refinement and intention.”—Summer Thornton of Summer Thornton Design


Antonino Buzzetta Design

“One shelving solution is to use ‘open’ shelving while showcasing a book collection interspersed with beautiful objects—neat and stylish organization. It’s a sleek look but still curates your pieces. You can create any unique layout you wish while conveying a modern sensibility.”—Antonino Buzzetta