Style Library and the D&D Building have dedicated the month of May as a time to celebrate the legacy of women in design. Style Library spearheaded the initiative, as one of their represented heritage brands, Morris & Co. is a contributor to this idea of honoring and preserving the history of design and those who devote their lives to it. Together, they are inviting all participants and attendees of Spring Market to wear white on May 22, a color that has become the symbol of female empowerment.

May Morris, daughter of William Morris the Founder of Morris & Co., was a female activist and artist who designed many of the archived Morris & Co. prints that are finally being brought to life this spring. On the subject of May, the 19th amendment was proposed in May of 1919, granting women the right to vote. May Morris was a leader and participant in movements for the betterment of (wo)mankind, including suffragist efforts; another reason to celebrate May in May!

In light of making a timely commemoration of our beloved female design predecessors, Style Library is hosting a “Women in Design” program on May 22nd at DDB Spring Market featuring historian and May Morris expert, Natasha Thoreson, writer and design historian Lynn Byrne, and designer and founder of Centered By Design, Claire Staszak. Staszak was recently named one of Style Library’s 2019 Brand Ambassadors.

(Above) Centered-By-Design project featured in Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago

Staszak shared with GDG how she envisions the future for women in design.

“The sky is the limit! Women are huge influencers in the home marketplace space. I think we are going to see the design profession continue to grow and have many more non-traditional roles in the design field, a bigger blend of motherhood and design, not one or the other,” Staszak said. Before starting Centered By Design, Staszak started her career in marketing and studied psychology and yoga. When Staszak made the transition to design, she launched a blog and interned for designers Nate Berkus and Kate Marker.

(Above) Centered By Design project featured in Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago

May Morris had a similar approach to her life and work –women don’t need parameters – women can be many things and do many things. As mentioned, Morris & Co. is unveiling their designs inspired by May Morris originals to pay homage to May’s own unique eye and talent apart from her father’s. Staszak will get a chance to visit the Morris & Co. print archives in London this year as part of her Style Library Ambassador program.

As we get ready to discuss the legacy of women in design at DDB Spring Market, Claire Staszak shared the legacy she hopes to leave behind.

“My brand, Centered by Design, centers around my passion for personal sanctuary and the role a well-designed space can play in improving our well-being. I hope to grow in my knowledge of green design, psychology, and whole home design to be known as a leader in this area of research and the design industry,” Staszak said.

Again, Style Library and the D&D Building encourage Market attendees to wear white in celebration of women in design! Follow @Stylelibraryusa, @danddbuilding, and @godesigngo to see our favorite white looks and other live event coverage. Claire Staszak is planning to wear this darling white number.

Register here for the Women in Design program hosted in Style Library, suite 409.