During the holidays, NYC becomes a dazzling wonderland of winter scenes, wide-eyed travelers and the magical displays of holiday cheer. The world-renowned window displays feature haute fashion, mechanical marvels and over-the-top decorations. Many of the famed windows at the DDB have embraced the spirit of the season.

One of the windows at the 59th St. entrance has been transformed into a portal, peering into an magical Arabian land to celebrate Lladró’s new collection of exotic home fragrances, 1001 Lights. The romantic, far-away elegance of the recent introduction was perfectly captured by designer, Arlene Angard.

Arlene Angard’s style and smile embrace you as soon as she steps into a room. Similarly, Lladró’s Spanish flair and classic attention to detail commands a room with a sophisticated, yet savvy approach to porcelain lighting and decor. Together, this dream team created a display that encompasses the mystery of the Sahara desert with the allure of Lladró’s palatial product.

“When I received the offer to introduce this collection in the holiday window, my first reaction was to research. 1001 Lights instantly reminded me of Arabian Nights and the Sahara dunes. I, of course, fell in love with everything I searched and wanted to simulate the magic I felt from childhood,” Angard said.

Angard’s goal was to create an inclusionary and welcoming space for people of all faiths to feel the warmth exuding from this Saharan wonderland. The display, which features an international spin, embraces the diverse culture of NYC and the Lladró brand, but above all, it gives joy.

“The most important part of this window is to cheer everyone who walks by it. Winter is so moody and dark, so we wanted to brighten everyone from the cold with our blue and gold palette to fix that winter depression and embrace the international city we live in,” Angard said.

In the display, the blue-tipped porcelain candles sit atop an Art Deco table sprinkled with sand. Their cardamom, bergamot and pepper notes crafted the perfume’s name, “Unbreakable Spirit.” Three varying golden wall coverings by Taffard add regality to the display and the herd of kingly horse figurines adds a spirited energy to the scene. To Arlene, they add an understated homage to her childhood.

Although Angard grew up in Venezuela, her father was from Spain. Growing up, Lladró pieces filled her home and helped inspire her belief in the mixing of the old with the new, the classic with the modern. In addition, the horses remind her of the transit of royalty.  

In Spain, children have to wait a few extra days beyond the traditional date of December 25th for their presents. It is not until Three Kings Day, or Dia De Los Reyes on January 6th, that three magical (and generous) kings leave gifts in the children’s shoes.

Angard said that although the holiday season ends in the U.S. after New Years Day, the European celebration fun is just beginning. Sign us up for another month of presents, cookies and festivities!

Stop by the D&D Building’s 59th St entrance to view the whimsical décor that embraces the fantasies of the candle, the mystery of Arabian sand dunes and the holiday spirit. Additionally, Light Up The Night with Lladró on December 6th, from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m., Suite 1507 a they celebrate their new home fragrance collection and Arlene Angard’s holiday design.