Behind The Glass: deSErt ROSE

One look at JAB Anstoetz’s 58th Street window display at the DDB and you may think you’re across the street at Bloomingdales, but don’t worry, you’re in the right place! This season, JAB Anstoetz’s window is the chic result of design and fashion worlds colliding. It all began when JAB generously donated their textiles to […]

Behind The Glass: Modern Tailor

A century ago one man arrived in New York from Russia, with big dreams and humble beginnings. Samuel Kravet did, however, possess one valuable; an artisan craft. Samuel, who began working as a tailor on the lower east side of Manhattan, came to establish a thriving family business that now, in its 100th year, celebrates […]

Behind The Glass: Windows for Awareness

Just in time for World AIDS Day, the power of design and social media brought together top designers to raise funds and awareness for DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids) in December. Leading designers from across the United States decorated window vignettes in each of the 16 Farrow & Ball showrooms, showcasing warmth and love […]

Behind the Glass: Arabian (L)ights

During the holidays, NYC becomes a dazzling wonderland of winter scenes, wide-eyed travelers and the magical displays of holiday cheer. The world-renowned window displays feature haute fashion, mechanical marvels and over-the-top decorations. Many of the famed windows at the DDB have embraced the spirit of the season. One of the windows at the 59th St. […]

Behind The Glass: Lorin Marsh Teams With Man O’ Design

Brains, alien heads and notoriously poisonous jellyfish; not exactly the first three images that come to mind when thinking Lorin Marsh. However, this season’s D and D Building window display refines the fantastic and shapes a sense of art tête-à-tête. Robert Malmberg is a NYC-based fine arts photographer with Louisville roots and a L.A. education, […]

Behind The Glass: Bonheur, ‘Classy and Fabulous’

Go Design Go summons the magic of confined design year round with its new series, Behind The Glass. We’ll take you behind the scenes of the Cohen Design Center’s window displays where showrooms imaginatively exhibit their collections every season… Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step inside Coco Chanel’s renowned studio? […]