Go Design Go has a new Digital Editor at the helm. Isabelle Harrington will be taking on the role with a deep-rooted passion for the design industry and digital savviness. Her unique perspective is informed by her eye for design and curiosity to discover. Isabelle sits in the Marketing and Management Office at the D&D Building in New York. You may spot her throughout the design center, attending industry events or on Go Design Go’s Instagram – be sure to say hello and welcome her to our community!

As the daughter of an Interior Designer and Managing Principal of an Architecture firm, Isabelle grew up visiting showrooms, galleries and design events in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, the only of four children to develop the “passion gene” as she calls it. A unicorn, perfectly suited to the task at hand, Isabelle has a degree in Journalism with a minor in Interior Design from the University of Oregon, which helped her land an internship with Miles Redd in NYC last summer. Read more about Isabelle’s passion for design and plans for Go Design Go as she steps into the role.

What were the most interesting jobs you held prior to joining the DDB?

Isabelle Harrington: I have had the pleasure of assisting a few Interior designers throughout my college career. Each designer and firm had a different style and personality, so it was beneficial to work in their offices to learn different design processes and language used. Last summer I interned for the wonderful Miles Redd here in New York City, working closely with his team including David Kaihoi and Blake Brunson. I learned a lot from the experience and it helped narrow my interests. It also inspired me to invite more color into my life!

Why is Go Design Go the right place for you now?

IH: I am excited to work with GDG because I consider the Cohen Design Centers to have some of the most interesting, diverse design brands and experiences the industry has to offer. The CDCs are hubs of creativity in their respective cities, so I feel lucky to be a creative person working in this environment.

What are some of the goals you plan to accomplish as the Go Design Go Digital Editor?

IH: I care deeply about our home environments and how they affect our well being. I think its something everyone should consider! That said, I strive to create universally inspirational content, as well as fostering innovative conversation around design that makes people think, ‘Hmm, I’ve never thought about it that way’. I recall how influential design content was to me as a young girl, shaping my aesthetic and rounding out my perspective. They definitely contributed to developing my passion for design. I hope to make a positive impact in the same way.

(Left) Miles Redd, LLC design interns Summer 2017. (Right) Miles Redd office door featured in Architectural Digest Summer 2017.

Which designers and brands do you admire?

IH: Since my mother is an Interior designer and my father headed up an architecture firm for years, I have grown up with an appreciation for the arts and design. Thanks to them, we had hundreds – maybe thousands – of publications lying around the house for me to pour over. I developed a love for the tangible craft of magazines. I even have a preferred way of reading them – always flipping through them backward. I’ve admired Kelly Wearstler’s work for as long as I can remember. I think she designs to the beat of her own drum and I’ve always been drawn to that. As for brands, I remember when my mom brought home Brunschwig & Fils wallpaper samples for the first time and I had dreams about them for weeks. A lot of my peers wouldn’t understand why anyone would dream about wallpapers, but people here get it!

(Left) Brunschwig & Fil’s Birds of a Feather. (Right) High school mood board project.

What makes you most excited about your new role?

IH: Speaking of dreaming, I couldn’t believe I found a role encompassing everything I’m interested in. Having graduated as a Journalism major and Interior Architecture minor, It’s pretty special to be in a role focused on connecting people to their favorite areas of inspiration through digital storytelling. 

What is your personal home style like?

IH: I’m a little fearful of sticking to one; there are endless combinations out there! Mine is always changing yet always functional. Accumulating personal items over time and combining old and new is important to me. With that, comes different periods and styles. I think our homes should have the capacity for change and movement within their bones.