Fall-ing for Furnishings!

As part of Fall Market celebrations, Pacific Design Center debuted new showrooms and product introductions to launch the autumn season. Jumping right in- Arte previewed a new Takara botanical wallcovering collection featured in their recently opened showroom in partnership with Thibaut and Egg & Dart. The brands are proud of the showroom’s knowledgeable team, thousands […]

DDB Fall Market 2018 Preview

The concept of luxury is nothing new, but luxury without an inherent price tag is an advanced conversation. With the world shifting to digital dependency and a yearning for personalization, people have the ability to share their living experiences and environments online constantly, prompting others to recognize their ability to edit their life and ultimately […]

Poetic Patterns of Fall

By joining forces, storied UK fabric brand, Morris & Co and Swedish clothing brand, H&M execute the perfect modernization of archival prints from the mid-19th century–prints that once dressed rooms, now dress people. With their trend savviness and focus on accessibility, H&M was the perfect launch pad in the preservation and revival- not a makeover- […]

Imagination Brought to Life

Textile brand Villa Nova recently released its very first children’s collection, but it’s far from childish. The sophisticated ‘Picturebook’ collection is inspired by the wonderfully intricate work of three children’s Picturebook illustrators, Frann Preston-Gannon, Christopher Corr, and Yuval Zommer. (From Left) Frann Preston-Gannon, Yuval Zommer and Christopher Corr Each illustrator’s original work was enhanced into […]

Designer Spotlight: David Kaihoi

Everyone’s buzzing about David Kaihoi, but he would never say so. A Minnesota native with ambition and tricks up his sleeve, David Kaihoi moved to New York to get his hands in on the studio art scene 16 years ago, now a lead designer as part of Miles Redd team and in his own right. […]

Go Design Go’s New Digital Editor

Go Design Go has a new Digital Editor at the helm. Isabelle Harrington will be taking on the role with a deep-rooted passion for the design industry and digital savviness. Her unique perspective is informed by her eye for design and curiosity to discover. Isabelle sits in the Marketing and Management Office at the D&D […]