While some creative fields are fueled by competition, the interior design industry is powered by relationships, mutual respect and a sense of community. Interior Design is a team sport and ASID NY Metro President-Elect, Kim Hendrickson-Radovich of Kim Radovich Interiors has just been named Captain.

Before accepting her role as ASID NY Metro President-Elect, Kim acted as the ASID Long Island Liaison as a ‘tentacle’ of the ASID President’s committee.

“Long Island as a [design] community often gets lost in the shuffle, but many of us have our offices here. Many prominent designers call the North and South shores home,” Hendrickson-Radovich said.

Kim has announced her LI liaison successor, Jackie Higgins of Beach Glass Designs, to continue programs that Kim previously implemented in an effort to more closely knit together the Greater NY area design community.

As an interior designer, Kim has always considered her participation in ASID a special opportunity. In fact, even before launching her successful career she had high ASID aspirations.

“I personally have always, even when I was a design student, known I wanted to be a part of the ASID community. The standards to become a member are more rigorous than others,” she said, “Everyone seems to be a decorator these days with HGTV, so not only do we need to have a standard for ASID and the industry, we also need to have a community that supports one another.”

This new role also allows Kim the chance to better protect her fellow designers. She said she wants to support designers who are artists first, helping them to run their businesses while being applying their creativity safely and with pride.

Another goal for her presidential lead includes more engagement with students, believing the disconnect between generations in the design community has stemmed from the rise of social media and innovations in design technology. Sometimes a high Instagram following isn’t everything, but it is something. According to Kim, millennials need to learn proper ‘old-school’ communication tools so as not to lose touch with the interpersonal-oriented industry, while the old guard should learn to embrace the technology that younger designers have adopted.

With her unlimited supply of design experience and ASID insider knowledge, GDG predicts great things for the soon-to-be president, whose official terms begins next fall. Most recently, Kim participated in NYC’s 10th annual Holiday House with an exceptional Christmas Dinner themed tablescape and wintry wonderland room entitled “Miracle on 63rd Street” featuring Robert Allen fabrics, Baccarat crystal with Lladró candlesticks and ceramic ware. But, it’s Kim’s larger than life personality and unwavering belief system that qualify her for this esteemed role.

Kim’s go-to feng-shui/Protestant/Jewish/Buddhist mantra? “A rising tide lifts all boats.” If ASID helps to raise the bar and interior designers continue to support one another, then everyone can enjoy successes.

“There’s enough job abundance out there, that you will find your client and your client will find you,” Kim said, “your Buddha will find you.”