Savel Inc.’s story is weaved together by the discovery of Mexico City’s hand-loomed woolen fabrics and the desire to interpret these textile traditions within the American market. Now Savel’s innovative fabric designs are exploring a new medium that holds the same high quality, but tells a different story.

In September the fabric house paired with the Italian Pavoni brand for a sleek dimension of leather for the first time. Hair-on-hide is here.

Alan Newberry’s story is saddle stitched together by family history and elements of couture fashion. Alan’s wife, Albena, comes from a lineage of leather makers including her late grandmother, Victoria Pavoni, who worked with fashion legends such as Jean-Paul Gaultier. After rebranding the family factory in 2005, Pavoni co-founders Alan and Albena supplied rich leathers to luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo, Armani, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce.

However, Alan claims that he “accidentally” joined the interior design community thanks to a few unique reptiles. In 2012, a client asked him to supply genuine crocodile for dining room chairs in Russia. Later, a Dubai-based client filled a dressing room in a 150,000 sq. foot villa with alligator upholstered furniture infused with 24kt gold to accentuate the imperfections.

“Our fashion roots prepared us for the interior design industry. In fashion, everything must be visualized a year and a half in advance, with interior design, although less fickle, more and more people want the different, eye-catching colors and embossed material,” Newberry said.

Savel Vice President Andrea Elish said, “Pavoni plays out of their roots. These leathers are made in Italy start to finish. Pavoni offers the highest quality and the best customer service.”

Newberry and Elish agree that apart from a great product, the reason behind the Pavoni brand’s success is their customer service.

Pavoni offers free shipping internationally direct from their Italian warehouse; within 24-48 hours their product will be in your hands. Pavoni also offers zero overages, which means when you only want 50 sq. ft. of a hide, you don’t pay for the other 10 it was cut with.

“As a brand we don’t put it on designers to have to go back to their clients and say, ‘you owe another 200$ for shipping. We try to eliminate the extras for a fluid and more transparent process,” Newberry said.

Pavoni also offers custom color, a tool that Newberry said, “no one else does in the leather industry.” The Pavoni House is known for its extensive color palettes using solely water-based dye with vegetable fasteners that adds a gleaming twist within their hair-on-hide collection. The hides hide their distinctive ‘bald spots’ with the vibrant metallic hues that make the collection truly shine.

This collection utilizes full aniline leather, using hide imported from France, that won’t protect from those stealthy slipped drops of red wine, but will provide the highest quality in skins. And for those occasional slips of wine, partially coated leather is available in other designs.

The Pavoni brand has a passion for leather that is only matched by its luxury. Born in the Abruzzo region of Italy with the azure Adriatic Sea as a backdrop, you have most likely caught a glimpse of its leather as it soars by you seated firmly in a Lamborghini. Now you can encounter the high-speed luxe in the D&D Building.

This morning, Pavoni owner, Alan Newberry offered ‘Leather Pro Tips’ on how to choose the most suitable leather for your client’s specific needs with a side of an English Breakfast. To experience the new collection in person, stop by the Savel showroom at the DDB, Suite 1819.