A Day in the Life: Tina Ramchandani

Tina Ramchandani is a master of functionality who is fueled by an aesthetic drive (and Cortado). Her Manhattan-based interior design firm, Tina Ramchandani Creative focuses on creating modern environments with a sophisticated and global perspective. To this team, a functional space should be more than exceptional, it should be you.  This dog-mommy-interior-designer extraordinaire takes us […]

Savel Shows Some Skin

Savel Inc.’s story is weaved together by the discovery of Mexico City’s hand-loomed woolen fabrics and the desire to interpret these textile traditions within the American market. Now Savel’s innovative fabric designs are exploring a new medium that holds the same high quality, but tells a different story. In September the fabric house paired with […]

Location, location, location: How two textile designers embody Brooklyn

Location works itself into the DNA of just about everything, and that statement rings even more true when the location is Brooklyn. That’s why artisans flock to the 71-square-mile borough to set up shop. Scott Bodenner of The Bodenner Collection and Michele Dopp of Fabric & Steel are two of the many creatives who have […]