In this series, international, national and regional magazine editors give Go Design Go readers a look at how the magazine industry is evolving and what interiors catch their eye. Amanda Dameron, Editor in Chief of Dwell Magazine, shares how she became a proponent of universal design and resilience.

What catches your eye as an editor?

An unexpected mix, a well-composed space, unusual materials or a surprising technique.

How is the magazine industry evolving?

Magazine makers are under increasing pressure to create content that is meaningful and lasting; we have to work harder to capture stories that are not ephemeral and offer a deeper layer of understanding and inspiration.

How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?

My own design aesthetic is guided by utility, comfort and sound materials. I like surrounding myself with things that are built to last.

What blogs do you read regularly?, Dezeen, Arch Daily, Architizer. Instagram has become an incredible daily resource as well.


What are your favorite regular features in Dwell?

I love the Dwellings—the feature articles that are 8-10 pages, unbroken by ads.

What design trend are you loving right now?

I try to avoid heralding trends—I just like seeing design that addresses individual needs in a creative way.

I hear you’re a big proponent of universal design, aging in place and resilience. How do you find design talent to showcase those qualities?

We work really hard to follow organizations, conferences and practitioners leading the way in this realm. We have an L,A.-based contributing editor named Kelly Sanchez that does a great job spearheading this kind of content.

Who or what sparked your interest in design growing up?

I was raised in a house that was always undergoing some sort of renovation—my parents always worked hard to improve our space and they didn’t have all the money in the world, which guided a lot of their creative solutions.

What is the best part about being an editor now?

My colleagues. Working with smart, creative, passionate people on a daily basis is a privilege.

What is the one goal you hope to accomplish this year?

I would love to see our design conference Dwell on Design grow 25 percent, in the number of exhibitors and attendees, in both Los Angeles (May 29-31) and New York (October 2-4).