GDG has had a REally big 2017. Relaunched. Redesigned. Reimagined. Go Design Go’s 2017 had a new Editor, look and energy, featuring fresh content and bold visuals (if we do say so ourselves). Our daily content explored show-stopping collections, fresh features including the Behind the Glass series and Top on Tap events and Q&A’s with leading designers, artists and visionaries. 

As we say farewell to 2017, we wanted to pay homage to the year that gave us an invigorated spirit. . . and sweet logo. With the most clicks and reads, here are the Top 7 stories for 2017:

Top On Tap: Hope Lodge


Behind the Glass: Arabian Nights


Behind the Glass: Lorin Marsh Teams with Man O’ Design 


Opening the Interior Designers ‘Cabinet’: Art & Design


Art that Takes Us to Infinity and Beyond


Meet Clarence Houses Master of Textile: Kazumi Yoshida 


Les Ensembliers: Wanderlust Full of Wonder