PDC Fall Market 2017: Something To Write About

Los Angeles has always been something to talk about; and now, more than ever, it’s something to write about. L.A., the vibrantly mixed marketplace for design in all of its’ forms, introduces two new artistic publications to its current repertoire and to the PDC’s Fall Market participants. Meet LALA and DesignLA: each publication shares the […]

Sneak Peak: PDC Fall Market Preview

Come early and stay late at this year’s PDC Fall Market! The PDC and its showrooms are rolling out the red carpet to engage their community of designers with a full day of not-to-be missed programs and events. PDC Fall Market provides a second opportunity during the year to formally invite professionals into the PDC […]

PDC Fall Market Keynote Participants Share Their L.A. Story

Los Angeles is experiencing an extraordinary artistic and cultural renaissance, evident through its reinvigorated creative spirit and elevated global significance. The PDC spotlights the worldwide imprint of this ‘L.A.-centric’ period by featuring the stories of innovators making it happen in the DDB, PDC, DCH and DCOTA’s 2017 Fall Markets. The panelists within the three relevant […]