Letters from the Editors

WESTWEEK 2018 was filled with a little bit of rain, but a whole lot of inspiration. GDG shared pre-event coverage featuring designers, Market participants and showroom managers, but left out a very important voice within the industry: The Editors. We may be biased, but we wholeheartedly believe the editorial side of design is crucial for […]

8 Rooms that Play with Pops of Color

Vibrant oranges, animated reds, sunny yellows and powerful purples can infuse energy and emotion into a space, no matter the season. As we enter the antagonizing limbo between winter and spring, it’s up to us to create our own warmth with color. Go Design Go delves into playful color schemes that brighten even the rainiest, […]

PDC Presents: George Smith & Studio Van den Akker

Gone are the lazy summer days, as the fall ‘busy’ season is well underway with events and new collections galore. Throughout the past few months, the Cohen Design Centers have been buzzing with Markets and also highly anticipated showroom grand openings. The Pacific Design Center’s vast showroom portfolio gains two new luxurious additions this season, […]