Something Old, Something New in White and Blue

Delftware. Not a word one may recognize on first glance, but this 400-year-old concept is now one of the latest home décor trends. Thanks to designer Nicolette Mayer, this classic Dutch pottery pattern will be available for your walls and drapes. The story of this collection starts with the Dutch East India Co., founded in […]

The Luck of the Stylish

Long O’live St. Patty’s This gorgeous green kitchen by Gideon Mendelson combines the boldness of gingham ceilings with an olive painted island that dreams are made of. Traditional accents like hung plates, curved-legged seating and woven baskets add a hint of welcoming warmth in this kitchen curated by splashes of color and a Waterworks backsplash. […]

Scalamandré and Stark announce a maximizing merger

Scalamandré The fabric division of Stark has merged with American luxury textile brand Scalamandré, and according to the companies, they will be “fully integrating their businesses” over the next six months to a year. Under this change, the majority of Stark fabric showrooms will now become Scalamandré locations. The two companies will each own the […]

Fashion meets interiors: The 2017 Golden Globes

By Byron Cordero Recognizing excellence in film and television for the past 74 years, the Golden Globes is one of the most acclaimed ceremonies. Every year, viewers anticipate the best screenplay, comedy motion picture, director and more, and this year, GDG added a new award: Best Dressed. A team award, of course, because it takes a […]