StyleRow Breakdown, Here’s What We Know

StyleRow is a design interface for designers and architects to manage projects and compile products for team collaboration and client-facing presentations. Consider it Slack mixed with Pinterest (but with the ability to actually source back every single item listed). GDG chatted with interior and product designer Erinn Valencich, founder of StyleRow to find out more […]

Extra Extra! Read All About It

“We once worked with a celebrity client who is passionate about animal rescue, and has a lot of pets. She wanted a whole area in her house designated to her dogs. Essentially, we created a dog bedroom, complete with a dozen dog beds, a chandelier-lit vaulted ceiling, a lounge area and direct access to an […]

The Ultimate First Timers Guide to Fall Market

There’s something about fall that makes us feel like it’s time for new beginnings; new opportunities for inspiration, growth and learning. The D&D Building’s Fall Market 2017 is the ultimate tool for a stylish twist on interiors education. This two-day event may be annual, but each year it offers new experiences, expert programming and inspiring […]

GDG’s 10 favorite spring design tips

Design: Ruthie Sommers, Wallpaper: Farrow & Ball Catch you later, winter! Spring is finally upon us (even if it doesn’t completely feel like that in New York City!) and we’re ready to embrace the warmer season and all that comes with it. For this #TipTuesday, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite spring design inspo […]

#TipTuesday: Select the right mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall… What’s the best design decision of them all? In this edition of #TipTuesday, three interior designers talk about the instances when mirrors are the right design choice and share the challenges that arise when selecting the perfect one.

#TipTuesday: Lamps and lighting done right

 The right lighting choice is not only a necessity, but it can instantly enhance the ambience in a space that would otherwise fall flat. For this segment of #TipTuesday, four designers lend their expertise on how to create a well-lit room with plenty of personality.

#TipTuesday: Making walls wondrous with wallcoverings

Every room in the home holds a different purpose, and features different furniture, accessories and lighting. But they have one thing in common: They all have walls. The walls deserve just as much thought as the rest of a space’s attributes, which is why for this #TipTuesday, two West Coast design duos talk all things […]

#TipTuesday: Design mistakes to avoid

Even the most seasoned professionals are bound to make an error. Rather than harping on the fault, it’s essential to reflect on the situation afterward, and pinpoint a way to keep it from happening a second time. This #TipTuesday, three designers from different regions of the country tell us about their biggest whoopsie and how […]

#TipTuesday: Eye-catching Entranceways

This #TipTuesday, GDG continues to explore the focal points of different rooms in the home. So far, designers have walked us through the center of attention in the dining room and the living room. Today, we visit the area that gives guests the first impression of a space’s interior: the foyer.

#TipTuesday: Dining room focal points that wow

The dining room is meant for just that—dining. But must the centerpiece of the room always be the table? This week’s edition of #TipTuesday explores that question, as two interior designers talk focal points and describe their favorite dining room creations.