Al Fresco; Inside Out

A misty morning ushered the trade hurriedly indoors for the morning keynote, while a sunny afternoon greeted cocktail-clad guests at Kettal’s sunset terrace party. The D&D Spring Market explored the pleasures of al fresco, celebrating indoor-outdoor design with an ‘in’ crowd and out-of-this-world conversations. The beauty of al fresco design was captured within three Keynote […]

Au Natural

“Outdoor spaces are no longer for weekend barbeques. Now more than ever there’s a desire to be connected with nature, fresh air and natural light. Outdoor spaces are now designed as a continuation of your indoor living space.” –Marcia Tucker From a young age, Marcia Tucker lived and breathed design. Born in Rio de Janeiro, […]

Blurring The Lines

Distinguished Interior Designer, Joe Nahem, isn’t quite sure why his parents let him get away with so much. After going on a vacation, his parents would come home to Brooklyn and find completely rearranged furniture, quite possibly a bejeweled window or two, and maybe the 75th repainting of Joe’s bedroom. Later, his entrepreneurial-minded family was […]

Al Fresco Living

Today, speed is everything; fast-talking and fast walking, pace takes on a new meaning in New York City. Often, Manhattanites require refuge from our high-speed world and although well-designed interiors provide comfort, there’s really no comparison to solace from the great outdoors. On Wednesday, May 30 the D&D Building will present its Spring Market 2018, […]