A Departure, the Élitis Way

Élitis’ new spring and summer collections take flight with their scattered birds, sprawling blossoms, and spotted oxidization displayed in their textiles and wallcoverings. They’ve juxtaposed Japanese and geometric elements to bring a dynamic take to design and you’ll find that Élitis looks back at the 70s, rebelling in their own fashion. Count on Élitis to […]

Dedar Demos for the Junior Designer

Dedar and De Mott will soon co-host a window treatment demonstration and workshop in their New York D&D showroom on July 23rd. Dedar is dedicating the Dedar Demos series for the junior level designers in the trade, giving them an up-close look to various upholstery processes. De Mott, drapery experts, will be working with Dedar […]

Dive into the History of British Design with George Smith’s Chesterfield Sofas

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, or so the saying goes. In design, however, as with any discipline that has a history, each object carries the weight of those who created and cultivated it into its present-day iteration. For the legends of British design, including artisans, clients, and the furniture they both helped conceptualize, this […]

Designer Camp 101

Like many creatives, Kristen Dees wished she had a design camp to attend when she was growing up. So, she created one for the new generation of young people with the same want. Founded by Dees and her business partner Mercedes Curran in 2015, Designer Camp is a summer camp for kids ages 11-17 and […]

Berkus or Bust

Nate Berkus’ new home collection, Well-Traveled, greets you at the door. The celebrity interior designer outfitted Kravet’s entry vignette at the DDB with his worldly patterns and prints in plush chenilles, linens and velvets to create a collected and layered aesthetic to build upon for a lifetime. (Above) Nate Berkus putting his finishing touches on […]

StyleRow Breakdown, Here’s What We Know

StyleRow is a design interface for designers and architects to manage projects and compile products for team collaboration and client-facing presentations. Consider it Slack mixed with Pinterest (but with the ability to actually source back every single item listed). GDG chatted with interior and product designer Erinn Valencich, founder of StyleRow to find out more […]

How [She] Built This

Cheryl Eisen is the complete package, and so is her company. Interior Marketing Group, most commonly known as IMG, is indubitably the most successful zero-investment company to organically grow into a hybrid company that New York nor the rest of the country was prepared to bat against; a company that’s 90% led by a “female […]

Teak Chic

We know the quality of Gloster wood furniture pieces, and Gloster knows it too. Founded in West Africa in the 1960s, Gloster’s mission has always been to produce thoughtfully made furniture pieces with enhanced natural elements and can be traced back to honest and ethical practice. Having sustainable materials and systems in place makes the […]

Let’s Talk Tech

The Decorative Furnishings Association, DFA, is an organization made up of business leaders who are committed to energizing the services that the design industry brings to society, educating trade members on best practices in design, encouraging the use of technology in design, and gathering professionals together to maintain industry-wide awareness and inspiration. Leading member of […]

Indoor Oasis of Outdoor Decor

You can’t help but let out a sigh as you enter McKinnon and Harris’ new airy showroom space at the D&D Building. The bespoke, family-run outdoor brand brought the outdoors inside, inviting guests to experience McKinnon and Harris as most do- lounging on a terrace, enjoying the natural, minimal and comforting disposition of the handmade […]